From the Sea

In a pan with oil, seal salmon at high temperature on both sides. Then lower the temperature and let cook for a few minutes. Do not overcook or salmon will dry up. We suggest cooking salmon medium.

For the pineapple pico de gallo follow the same recipe of our Tropical Pico de Gallo, but add pineapple instead of tomato and mango.

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Marinate the fish steak with seasoning.

Add oil in a very hot pan and seal the fish. First at a high temperature and then medium-low. We recommend cooking the salmon medium and the tuna medium rare.

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Make a concoction with the almojábana flour and water until thickened in order to get a liquid texture as thick as pancake dough. It is very important to keep the concoction lump free.

Marinate the shrimp well using Chuleria en Pote and introduce them into the Almojábana mixture. Drain the excess and cover with panko. Fry it in medium temperature oil until golden.

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