“Cooking is my workshop and food is my work of art”

—Chef Ventura Vivoni

Making Way for Creative Cuisine

From a young age, Chef Vivoni has shown immense interest in adopting culinary arts, innovating techniques, and gastronomic recipes: mainly utilizing products grown and processed in his native country, Puerto Rico.

The Adventure Begins

In the central mountains of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, as a young man, Ventura Vivoni grew up with his family on a coffee farm that dates to 1887. Inspired by the green fields of the region, his love for nature was born. Nonetheless his mother’s influence developed a passion in him for exquisite cooking.

From Chick in the Countryside to Rooster in The City

Motivated by his appetite for learning and desire to manifest his passion for cuisine, Ventura Vivino moved to the city of Hato Rey where he got his Degree in Culinary Arts. This huge step started to expand his knowledge of different cultures and cuisine styles immediately, opening paths to his first experience cooking in front of the public eye.

A Star Emerges from the Caribbean

From Puerto Rico “Pa’l Mundo” (To the World)

After conquering some of the most demanding cuisines, Chef Vivoni started traveling the world to merge unique flavors from places like Europe, North, and South America, and the Caribbean. Surrounded by new and exciting flavors the young chef discovered a world of infinite possibilities to infuse his typical Puerto Rican food with other cultures.

With a renewed vision and a passion for food more intense than ever, he decided to go back to his roots and build what today is known as Restaur-Arte Vida Ventura, in his parents old farm, Hacienda Luz De Luna.

Stay Tuned

A New Puerto Rican Culinary Ambassador Emerges

As if we haven’t said enough, Chef Vivoni was highlighted “Food and Wine Magazine” as part of the new promise in the Culinary Arts in Puerto Rico. Also, the official tourist magazine of Puerto Rico, “Que Pasa” named Chef Vivoni as “ One of the emerging Puerto Rican stars in the Culinary Arts”. Simultaneously, he was a weekly participant in the well known local tv show, “Pegate Al Medio Día” for 4 years. He has also showcased his talents in the well known event, “Saborea Puerto Rico”.

With a brilliant career and a promising future, it is no coincidence that “El Vocero” newspaper selected Chef Vivoni as one of the “10 Mejores Chef Nouvel Puerto Rico 2014”.

Took part in the Tv Show, Cutthroat Kitchen of the renowned tv chain,Food Network.

Took part in the Movable Feast at Fine Cooking Channel..

In 2010 he took part in “Tercer Encuentro EnoGastronómico en Valencia”

Chef Vivoni has showcased Dozens of Banquets and Gastronomic Tastings in Cities Like New York and Washington D.C.

Thanks to all of these experiences, Chef Vivoni has become a real gastronomic artist and has earned the title of a real “Autor de Cocina”!

Kitchen is Still Open

If you thought his most important achievements were a thing of the past; “You don’t know Chef Vivoni!”. In the years to come, the Celebrity Chef from a humble farm in Adjuntas, will revolutionize the culinary world with his unique seasoning that goes beyond “CRIOLLO”: “Chuleria en Pote”.

In the near future, Chef Vivoni expects to launch his own Cookbook. This way everybody can taste his most exquisite creations. Also, he plans to export his products in order to conquer the Latin market.

Chef Vivoni Creations

Enjoy an exclusive selection of gastronomic recipes made with local products by Chef Vivoni

“Autor de Cocina”.

Ver Tienda