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Learn how to tell your business apart from the competition and leave your customers wanting more.

Apply Secrets of the Haute Cuisine in order to Delight all your Customers

For years Ventura Vivoni has been committed to the gastronomic industry, always willing to work with those businesses that seek to differentiate themselves from others. For years, Chef Vivoni has engaged with the gastronomic industry, always working with those who are looking to pull away from the pack. His passion to create and administer exquisite cuisine is so remarkable, Chef Vivoni has designed his own Culinary Consulting Proposal, in order to contribute to the growth of other entrepreneurs in his own industry.

This service is designed specially for gastronomic entrepreneurs.

We will Attend All Your Needs

This is a stage based service that includes:

Visits to your facility, operational documents review, work plan development, new personnel recruitment with proper training and implementation of all recommendations.

Covering Needs

This service incorporates a consulting and study of your business, the elaboration of a new menu, a guide for good product and ingredient management, an evaluation to reduce costs, and a restoration proposal (according to customer’s needs), among other gastronomic consulting services.

Also, Chef Vivoni offers specialized workshops in kitchen upgrades, which fulfill high quality standards and is up to par with rules and regulations of each institution, depending on the country of the operation.

Gastronomic Service Consultant

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“I learned so much from his recipes… Now my dishes are famous. I always have “Chuleria en Pote” on hand.”

Saryn Carreras de Berrio

“It's like I’m addicted. Thanks a lot. He literally used his product on every dish. The taste was unique and delicious. I love it and highly recommend it.”I love! I recommend it.

Evelyn Yanet Ramirez

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