Chef Vivoni Creations

Enjoy an exclusive selection of gastronomic recipes made with local products by Chef Vivoni, “Autor de Cocina”.


Enjoy a variety of delicious recipes to make appetizing appetizers that you can serve just before dinner. Enjoy a variety of delicious recipes to make appetizing side dishes that you can serve just before dinner. Impress everyone at the table with a Vivoni’s style “picadera”.

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Main Dishes

You can find the best recipes for main dishes here! You will find the best recipes for your main dish here! Each recipe is elaborated with love and made by Chef Ventura Vivoni in order to delight the most demanding palates and satisfy every voracious appetite. Bon appétit.

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Por el ‘Laito (Sides)

Complement your main dish with delicious sides to create the perfect flavor combination. Choose between two or three options in the cookbook so your guests can choose what best suits their palate.

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Taste fresh out of the sea. The best, most varied recipes for fish and seafood that are fast and easy to prepare. In this collection of the cookbook you will find the best seafood dishes you and yours can enjoy.

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Touch of Flavor

Sauces and dressings can become a simple gourmet dish that will surprise everyone. In this collection you will find recipes for succulently perfect sauces to accompany meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and more.

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Something Sweet

Treat yourself with step by step dessert recipes. From custards, cakes, fruit salads, to biscuits… You and yours will enjoy familiar flavors that will take you back to your childhood while staying true to traditional candies our mothers and grandmothers used to make.

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