Braised Pork

Carne de cerdo para yuca - Receta por Chef Vivoni


1 Lb. pork meat
6 Tbsp. Chuleria en Pote
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
1 white onion cut in quarts
1 celery branch cut in large pieces
1 cut carrot in small pieces
1 bay leaf
1 anise star
2 cloves
1 beer
Red wine
White wine
1 handful of cilantro stem and cilantro roots
½ beet


Marinate the meat and set in a cauldron. Seal the meat with coconut oil. Then, add the rest of the solid ingredients until you see the meat obtain a nice, colorful look. Add the liquid ingredients and cook them on medium temperature until the meat softens. Crumble and add part of the sauce when fully cooked.